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The Joy of creations

Beauty is "spiritus movens" of Vojislav DespotoviŠ painting. The palette brings him joy of free play, idyllicy of spring green and autumn sumach, similar to colorful meadow, on which illuminated by the sun with picturesque are competing colorful meadow flowers.

Coming between naive expressionism, some form of art-brut (though he is hard to be classified) DespotoviŠ will keep on running from so-called "Artistic painting".Regardless of other paintings, domestic and foreign painter monography, he will hold his own themes and chromatics, he is precisely knows and feels the boundaries of his simplicity.

In consideration of pronounced colourness of his own paintings, he will be careful to avoid many traps of sweetness of amateur picturesque, in time he will built his own painter signature and technique without admixtures of non necessary chattering.


DespotoviŠ is the original appearance in our cultural environment that has a great number of painters. DespotoviŠ is absolutely in his world mostly illuminated and peaceful in spite of many others, he looks at this world of his with the eyes of incorrigible optimist.

With his own characteristic energy, he paints the landscapes of rivers Morava and Jasenica.Behind his rather unusual paintings which reminds at first sight, stands a sincere feeling of authenticity. Painting that in its pure sound contains rare creative inspiration with no false iconography or pathos, which gives his author an impression of full individuality...

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